Archive of Interviews   
- Fr. Peter Madros to MCN: Percentage of Palestinian Christians decreased to 2%
- Former monument registration director to MCN: Attendance and coverage of celebration of St. Catherine was weak, not proper for event
- Convert Bishoy Armya Lawyer to MCN: Detention of Bishoy inside execution chamber is psychological terrorism
- Director of Christian affairs dept. at Kurdistan Awqaf Ministry to MCN: International community should protect minorities
- Assuity to MCN: Unified draft law for building houses of worship is similar to Umar's Assurance, Hamayouni Decree, conditions of Ezabi Pasha
- Coptic thinker to MCN: Stakeholders try to derail Pope Tawadros’ reform steps
- Kidnapped Yazidi women raped 30 times daily: human rights activist tells MCN
- Hamdi Assuity to MCN: Most cases of contempt of religion directed against Copts
- St. Catherine Monastery legal adviser: we can prove false allegations by antiquities chief of new establishments
- Austria Archbishop to MCN: Coptic church hope of Christianity in Europe
- Ishak Ibrahim to MCN: Minorities’ situation in Egypt miserable, security addresses issues as before
- Ali Zeidan to MCN: Civil society organizations play no significant role in Copts’ issues
- Makram Ebeid to MCN: We await June 30 commission’s revelation of who burned churches and terrorized Copts
- Human rights activist to MCN: Brotherhood violations against Copts “first defense” for Egypt gov’t in Geneva
- Egypt’s Catholic churches Secretary General to MCN: Salafists should leave education to experts, curricula must be purified
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