News Files : Copts and presidential elections of 2014
MCN Restoration of churches damaged on August 14 “urgent Coptic issue for the new president” MCN Maspero victims’ families ask next president to achieve justice for victims
MCN Sabahi cares for freedom, demands reconciliation with Islamists, overlooks strategy to implement ideas MCN Human rights observations on the absence of implementation mechanism in al-Sisi’s platform on Coptic freedoms, rights
MCN Police arrest three Brotherhood members planning to disrupt Coptic Vote MCN Former Brotherhood leader says the group will try to terrorize voters tomorrow
MCN Pope Tawadros casts his vote for the next Egyptian president MCN Security forces intensify their presence in Minya’s Christian- majority villages
MCN Former MP to MCN: Vote disrupted in Coptic village’s polling station in Minya MCN Sawiris calls on next president to respect democracy and human rights
MCN Molotov cocktail thrown at headquarters of Beni Suef’s St. Paul's Monastery, no casualties MCN Coptic and Human rights activists fear attacks on Copts during elections
MCN Increased religious tone in Sisi’s statements seen as a precursor to Mubarak’s model MCN Catholic Bishop in Minya: Church does not side with particular presidential candidate
MCN Sabbahi: Copts have been subjected to all forms of discrimination MCN Abdal Hafez to MCN: Presidential candidates must present plan to restore Coptic rights
MCN Egyptian Interior Minister: Brotherhood seeks to disrupt presidential election through terrorism MCN Chancellor Ramzy asks next president to achieve equality and justice
MCN Sisi and Sabahi focus on economy, ignore Copts’ rights
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