News Files : Who is financing Daash?
MCN Former jihadist to MCN: I had wrong thoughts, but I abandoned them; Copt could be president MCN Strategic expert to MCN: Saudi Arabia funds IS with hundreds of millions of dollars
MCN Reports: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Turkey main supporter of militant Islamic groups in the region MCN Islamic State “uncontrolled octopus” threatening America and European countries: professor
MCN Militant Islamic movements a natural product of extremist educational curricula MCN IS’s journey: from al-Tawhid wal Jihad group to declaring an Islamic Caliphate
MCN The Independent: Saudi Arabia, Qatar created “beast” to practice violations in the region MCN Islamic figures turn their backs on violent acts committed by ISIL against religious minorities
MCN Participation of foreign fighters in ISIL increases prospect of terrorism in Europe MCN Western media intelligence reports confirm Gulf support of ISIL
MCN Accusing Qatar, Saudi Arabia of funding IS highlights West’s silence on Gulf’s support of terrorism MCN Saudi researcher: Islamic State is Wahhabi postponed promise that became threat to Saudi Arabia
MCN Specialist in affairs of Christian minorities: ISIL’s savagery goes beyond everything that happened in the Near East long ago
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