News Files : Details of kidnapping and returning of Coptic Woman from Jabal Al-Tair (Minya)
MCN Husband of abducted woman files kidnapping report MCN Kidnapped Copt returns home, tells Interior Minister, "You are a liar, I'm still Christian”
MCN Breaking: Kidnapped Christian woman from Jabal al-Tair tells MCN: I escaped MCN Egyptian Interior Minister promises to investigate Gabal al-Tair, compensate affected families
MCN Coptic prisoners from Jabal al-Tair protest released MCN Free Egyptians Party calls for urgent, transparent investigation of Jabal al-Tair events
MCN Relative of Copts imprisoned in Gabl Al-Tair case to MCN: Our sons are victims in bad conditions MCN Minya villagers attempt to hold customary reconciliation meeting
MCN Relatives of Copts imprisoned for Jabal Al-Tair incidents say prisoners are tortured MCN Eyewitness from Virgin Mary monastery to MCN: Security destroyed our homes, attacked and arrested us, pursued our men
MCN Villagers attack ancient Coptic monastery in Minya
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