News Files : Phenomenon of Targeting Copts in Libya
MCN Priest of Jabal al-Tair Church to MCN: Armed kidnappers had paper with names of Copts MCN Deputy of Samalout Diocese to MCN: I urge FM to intervene, return Copts detained in Libya
MCN Thirteen Copts abducted in Libya MCN Libyan Ambassador to Cairo to MCN: Influential Libyan figures about to reach information about Coptic abductees
MCN Brother of Coptic doctor killed in Libya to MCN: Family has not been compensated yet MCN Egyptian church calls on foreign ministry to quickly return 7 Copts abducted in Libya
MCN Kidnappers of Copts in Libya require waiver in case of killed physician to free them MCN Ansar al-Sharia kidnaps seven Egyptian Copts in Libya
MCN Bodies of Coptic family killed in Libya to arrive in Egypt Tuesday MCN Sheikh Abdullah Nasr: Al-Azhar curriculum "real culprit" in killing of Coptic family in Libya
MCN Egyptian journalist: government’s reaction towards killing of Coptic family in Libya “slow” MCN Documents to transfer bodies of Coptic family killed in Libya complete
MCN Brother of Copt killed in Libya says arrival of body not determined MCN Breaking: Daughter of Coptic doctor murdered in Libyan Desert
MCN Coptic doctor and wife killed, daughter kidnapped in Libya
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